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Competency development where it actually counts.

We translate behavioral science into easy-to-grasp and impactful tools that enable psychological wellness, both at work and outside of work.

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Remote competency development with the potential to change lives.

The challenge

Achieving sustainable high-performing teams with the ability to work effectively, collaborate, and innovate, in a fast-paced environment with high demands.

Over two decades of scientific evidence suggest that optimal performance at work requires very specific factors, on all levels, organizational, leadership and company culture. 


Our approach connects psychological wellness to performance and innovation, supported by scientific research.

The problem

Mental health challenges, such as stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, and burnout, are on the rise post-pandemic, impacting individuals and organizations.


Traditional programs focus on personality traits, group dynamics, active listening, outdated leadership narratives, and employee health services that come into play when the damage is done.

The very factors that mitigate mental health challenges are also the ones that foster high-performance and well-being. 

The Solution

Competency development that goes beyond the workplace. By providing tools that enable psychological wellness - high performing teams become sustainable. 

Feeling psychological safety and having meaningful social support with healthy feedback-loops is proven to reduce stress and enable optimal performance at work. 

This is what we teach.  

We focus on practical tools, for leaders and teams, that are highly impactful for both personal life and work.

Our cause

To enhance the quality of everyday life by transforming how people feel at work and outside of work.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to cultivate a thriving workforce.

Our vision

We envision a world where the places we spend most of our time have a positive impact on individuals and society.

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If there's one thing that all of the most effective leaders and high-performing professionals have in common, and that anyone moving into 2024 needs to prioritize on their professional development radar, it's possessing high levels of emotional intelligence.


Contrary to popular belief, emotional intelligence (EI) has little to do with feelings.


It is a comprehensive framework that integrates a wide range of scientifically measurable findings in neurobiology, emotions, and behavioral dynamics across various domains, including child development, learning, creativity, stress reduction, and achieving sustainable optimal performance at work, among others.

The concept of EI holds immense significance, yet it is often misunderstood.

We offer remote courses that demystify the seemingly complex and scientific nature of EI, providing actionable and easily understandable tools in a fun and relatable manner.


Psychological safety at work has rightfully become a buzzword in the business world. Originally coined as a key concept for researching success at work in 1999, it has since been rigorously proven to predict high performance and well-being.

Many people can relate to the limiting effects of the stress response, known as the fight or flight mode. In contrast, psychological safety can be understood as its opposite—an enabling factor for well-being that supports the creative process of problem-solving and innovation. Vital for reaching business goals with high performing employees and reduced turnover.

Despite its popularity, there remains a significant knowledge gap regarding how to build psychological safety. Our remote courses bridge this gap by providing the understanding needed not only to establish psychological safety but also to sustain it over time.

Psychological safety is the absence of interpersonal fear. Feeling psychologically safe allows people to perform their best at home and work.

McKinsey & Company

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This is a 2 hour remote session with Q&A. We cover what emotional intelligence truly is and how it relates to psychological safety at the workplace, wellness, stress reduction and healthy feedback-loops.  


Lecture & workshop

Step one with a significant add-on. The workshop provides hands on actionable tools to use in our personal lives and at work. The theory from step one will be put into practice and the results  are impactful.


Lecture, workshop & coaching

Theory, actionable tools and support over time. Participants will learn how to integrate step one & step two, both at work and in their personal lives.  The coaching sessions are tailored to individual goals.


Trusted by people and companies
from all over the world

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I learned tools that helped me unite users on Quora and avoid polarization. This is truly a magnificent course!

Connie Karlzen

Community Manager

at Quora


Learning what emotional intelligence actually is has been a game changer for me, both as a leader at work and in my personal life.

Pelle Nyman

Founder & former Partner at Nectima


The combination of the lecture,  workshop and coaching sessions really provides impactful change!

Henrik Bergström

Consultant at Omegapoint

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